28 February 2009

Guy Bourdin. Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milano.

Guy Bourdin is considered to be one of the most daring and intriguing artists in the world of 20th century visual culture.
A singular artist with a unique perception of art, fashion, advertising and life, and a relentless search for perfection. He was responsible for the groundbreaking turning point in the world of image-making in the late 70s.

Guy Bourdin was a man with the aura of a visionary and fluid imagination, who worked in metaphors and explored contradictory realities, dialoguing with the sublime and irrational qualities with great intensity

Foto Henrik Svensson©

“A Message for You” focuses on the late 70s, when he acquires maturity in his practice and his poignant observations reflect the dynamic period of social change, sexual liberation, capitalism’s vanity, excess of consumerism, growing power of the media. All these themes found their ideal place in the transient form of the glossy magazine page.
Likewise, the exhibition “Unseen” presents a selection of Guy Bourdin most beautiful and iconic works and unveils to the public some of his less known prints.

27 February 2009

Dog, Spain.

Foto Henrik Svensson©

22 February 2009

Tres Bien, Malmö.

Foto Henrik Svensson & Martin Brusewitz©

20 February 2009

Spain, Spain.

Foto Henrik Svensson©

Klostergatan Vin&Delikatess, Lund.

Foto Henrik Svensson©

19 February 2009

Fall, Malmö.

Foto Henrik Svensson©

18 February 2009

Guest Photographer - Daniel Ekbladh

Foto Daniel Ekbladh (www.dekbladh.se)

Lilla Södergatan.

Foto Henrik Svensson©

Book, Lund.

Foto Henrik Svensson©